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Business Development Manager Ahmedabad Project Management January 8, 2016

The organization of the third edition of Ceramix Conclave & Expo 2019 in Gujarat is a heartening initiative. The gathering of participants and visitors from across the country and the world over makes for a global family. The application of ceramics spreads across a vast range of economic sectors like construction, mechanical, electronic, electrical, aerospace, chemicals, textiles and many others. India is one of the leading nations with a strong ceramics base. Gujarat has been one of the leading states in our country that has a strong ceramic industry. Morbi is a thriving ceramics hub in the State and has been making a significant contribution to the industry. The Ceramix Conclave & Expo 2019 offers our ceramic industry an opportunity to showcase its wares before a global audience. It is an ideal platform to learn the best practices from each other. Best wishes for all success of the Ceramix Conclave & Expo 2019.

Narendra Modi

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